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A loyal man to love

A loyal man to love ?He is a person who loves family very much, he indulges her after marriage still retain a job that she likes, he indulges her to play games all night with her colleagues at the weekend, he indulges her not to cook, gucci shoes He always plays a good man, and he is so good that make her feel shame as a wife. For the first time she suspected him, from a key. Although she is not a percentage of good wife but can from his every move about his feelings about his eyes from a state of mind she has remembered that he has sent a Gucci ring to her and she likes it very much. He wore the original keys, the two gate, house downstairs and office door, such 4 since when his pocket much a key. She was tempted him, but he equivocate flickering words, she even doubt this key purposes. She began to have intention to not intentional of follow-up telephone, occasionally appear in his office, named after her work, she actually, will start work on the weekend, no home about colleagues playing CARDS and she throws that Gucci bracelet away because of anger, also bought a heap of cooking recipes, gucci shoe sale video and attentive to make a good wife, but everything seems to be too late. He grew silent, and not let her understand what he thought alone, and often sit on the balcony, woke up in the middle of the night wind blow, he became a small talk, spirit trance, a briefcase, even didn’t wear went to work, he’s really changed a lot, he is not only for her tender and considerate, but she has not cut the suspicion. At night, she finally found under the tracking purposes, the key is to open the safe deposit box, so she decided to trace what; gucci shoe wholesale she quietly passes the key into the bank. She breathed deeply, slowly opens the lid, then, sweet laughed: “this stupid.” Then they took the first photograph of photographs, after a love letter, calculate the total, 28, she is in love letters, this period of time is sweet to her face only expression. Below are some jewelry and securities, securities underground is, she will go to: “you must scold him in his mid-thirties, cheap gucci watch what will stand.” Even so, she really cares about the content of the will. She opened the cover, written content – 20% of the villa and deposit for parents to the eldest brother, 10% of the deposit, 30% of the securities to the old man, all the movable property, write a name. She was crying, because the name of her owns, not others. All are equal. gucci sunglasses His love for her is so loyal. She picked up all the things he is ready to leave home for dinner, suddenly, the big one envelope from two fold in securities, gucci watches uk it has dropped the suspicion and backsliding faded. She quickly out of the envelope that piece of paper is a medical certificate at this time she is very sad she recalled they opened the Gucci store by themselves at that time they were so happy, in the name of the husband see column names and diagnostic face is four more than the sword of the word is “hydrotherapy metaphase”… Each one has a key, gucci handbags and the key of the name “doubts”. If everyone know when he would leave his loved one that is good, so the world will have so many regrets… Just because we don’t know if I will leave, so please, when to the person that oneself love, as is the last day of the day, don’t have regret… So, love him, please treat him, do not let love the suspicions differentiation, gucci do not let love each other’s suspicions wasted time, don’t hesitate to wander in between you and him… Don’t forget, the time is limited…

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Everything is possible

Everything is possible ??When she was 17, she fell in love on campus, hands in hands she felt very happy. Many of her friends envied her very much, and they would say how handsome your boyfriend was, you matched badly, the boy would always lower his head slightly. The boy indeed features, gucci shoes sale jade, but she prefers his green, the pure love. During college he has ever bought a Gucci ring for her to make her know that he loved her. Four years later, she will graduate, take the boy came back to the home town, and call our parents. Who knows, inquire, gucci pale boy parents immediately became cold. The boy when he left, and her father said: “please put your things away, we don’t need.” The boy began to say: “uncle, you trust, I’ll take care of your daughter!” The father replied: “you sneer at only a snack, my daughter is a college student, and you can give her happiness?” gucci handbag For the first time, she incredibly loudly reprimand angrily to his father, “daddy so speak!” Hasn’t come, she has got a slap in the face, with chaotic swollen he felt sad that Gucci watch dropped down. Stare at her father: “this is the first time I hit you, but if you don’t listen – - – - – - and we can make a choice between!” Mother is bitter tears lain, counsel. Finally, the girl cried to send the boy returned to the hotel. Back home, she made clear that it was not willing to give up this relationship, even the hunger strike against. Parents house on the fifth floor of Gucci UK company locked, she climbed through the window, aunt’s house door, go to a small hotel ran out for him. He carefully to see her, gently stroked her red face down to tears, fingerprints, half can’t say a word. She loves to eat chocolate bars and strawberry cake, love to wear white skirt, love laughter, and store soon ripe. gucci handbags He is famous snack shop, see her blush. One day, he rarely shops in Gucci stores, made the scene in the above egg whip, put a raisin, and specially recommend her, said quietly: “this is the princess egg whip, I feel for you.” She glanced at him, he blushed like peach, she ate one egg whip, sweet and delicious, warm heart, sweet to 4 – - – - this is the first love? The princess with raisins egg whip is exclusive, 4 years she has her sweet for 4 years. Now, the pain is more astounding. Always obedient she cannot bear to see their parents to tears, and often speaks just sniffles incessantly, still hold his hand: “don’t worry, we’ll be together!” When she ran out to the sixth steal hotel, gucci shoes uk but she is a little waiter origami sheet, saying that boys have check-out. When she finally got the cookies to provincial travel after him, he has to resign. She almost nightly cries. Later, she finally faded to hate him with strong timid thoughts, and the company income abundant department manager fell in love, gucci shoes later, she married wit him and she received a Gucci silver ring, and the main cars at home this weekend in the family enjoy flower go outing. First, only a faint trace, but the shapes, she still clips in his diary. 6 years, she has Doting old, suddenly see the origami, dismay, did not consciously apart, like apart their solution. There are numerous, and the words are written slowly, “I hope life carefully lets you do I happiness egg whip princess, but bring you pain. Every time you come is more pale, thin will die. I love that, gucci handbags us I find three months without your parents, many times, pleaded no result, no tolerance you struggled. I only first exit, make you completely forgot me, just have to fill blank new happiness just as were as Gucci suppliers – - – - – -” The pen is fuzzy, writing his tears. She thought, he never said that their parents, for a walk, that what a man? Again useless talk these now, but she still can’t help give a phone call to his mother: “he had looked for you many times, who was lying?” Mother was silent for a long time, incredibly sighed, leisurely say: “he’s really crazy kid who took that Gucci pink bracelet.” He tried many times to her parents. The last time, her mother remembered. He was a black eye, shirt, bit wobbly fighters of ants, said: “I’m ready to leave her, don’t touch her, and let her completely forgot me, but – - – - – - – - the aunt, I’ll call you next, please tell me she is good? Or, I worried about his help to find her with that Gucci pearl charm- – - – - -” You know he slowly fell in love and got married, half a dozen telephone. He deliberately told me, don’t let you know, gucci watches uk miss. His phone instead of calling from extensively, no fixed in a city. In the first three months of last time, he phoned, says he wants to get married, says he is not forgotten you fast speed, but a bit, finally the blank. She listened to, the tears flow. Originally, forgetting is a blessing forget the past they were in Gucci cheap store, and is also a kind of love. He was alone in different cities, the most precious wander between the youthful years to continue this period, only one of first love – - – -

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The moving wife

The moving wife Their stories are very moving, and it is worth learning for young people. This day, there comes two guests, gucci uk a man wears a Gucci charm watch with a woman, they are about 40 years old, wearing well, the man wear a big travel bag, it seems that they have just traveled from somewhere. Waiter cheerfully on menu man took the menu directly pass female with a lovely Gucci ring, say: “you, what to eat” woman, without even up to the waiter, “give us come to bowl wonton!” Waiter Dishing, which have to eat wonton restaurant near Gucci charm club? Besides, there is no wonton selling she thought oneself didn’t hear clearly, uneasy looked at the woman customer woman again to repeat the words themselves, the man beside this yelled: “what to eat wonton, and not have no money?” guccis The woman shake to say: “I want to eat wonton!” Man long, see the waiter surprised eyes, very embarrassed to say: “okay, please give us two bowls wonton which she always eat when they were as Gucci suppliers.” “No!” the woman hurried adds, “just a bowl of!” A man and a bowl Dishing, how to eat? Woman looks at the man pursy brows, he said: “you not promise, they listen to me?” Men don’t reply, hands with a Gucci black bracelet on chair beside the waiter with a smile of contempt, thought: this woman dig a door to dig in the home not to eat wonton restaurant light, two people still just a bowl of her lower lip was rushed woman: “sorry, we have to sell, two wonton or outside big gear go!” A woman was very surprising, want to just say: “why not? You are selling wonton too small business about Gucci jewelry is not willing to do so?” At the moment, the restaurant owner just after he heard a woman calling Gucci skull ring is here, then flushes attendant wave, the waiter went past gathered against way: “boss, do you see this, two points in this only eat wonton, this is not sourly Dao?” gucci shoe discount he smiled taking out his Gucci penguin charm, she put a hand he also feel very strange: look at this couple dressed, should not be master of rice, who estimates that otherwise what idea anyway, business, not out of the truth. He commanded waiter: “you quietly outside buy a bowl, how much to buy back the wonton, later when the double check more money!” Then he sat down and began to pull chair of strange observation that the couple with a pair of Gucci pearl necklaces. After a while, the waiter back a bowl of steaming wonton, to put before a woman, said: “please slow in two.” See, gucci handbags us the eyes of all women wonton, she put her face lit up to a fine, deeply, and then, one spoon gently a bowl, like to eat wonton, has not sent along mouth. Man stare big eyes to see the woman, and twist, and magically pass her a Gucci sterling silver ring bought from Gucci charm UK feel all look around the eye with strange staring at them, feel ashamed, and hate to say: “I don’t understand what you are doing, faraway run, just to eat wonton?” the bowl. The woman looked said: “I like!” A man a picked up the menu: “you love to eat just eat, I’m hungry day,” he beckoned reestablishment, stretch the waiter 78 expensive food points Women don’t hurry don’t slow down, a man of the dishes faintly waiter said: “you’d better ask him any money, eat meal” overlord No, a man came as attendant reaction is red the face: “fart! Lao will eat dinner? Lao the will not overlord money?” He said to the arms to suddenly, “yes”, “my wallet?” He stood up, straight-tempered also clap and knead in appearance, cell phone also found missing man stands dazed for a long time, finally the woman across the sights The woman said: “without more ado you don’t fifing about the wallet and mobile phone me last night, have thrown into the river.” A man, fire: “are you crazy!” Women like didn’t hear, continue to slow mixing bowl of a man suddenly remind of what, wonton carry-on luggage, open hand in fierce Tao The woman coldly said a sentence: “don’t you watch and I ring, we bring out all the valuable things, I threw the river my body and five dollars to buy this bowl, only wonton!” A man’s face was white, a bottom sit down, angry stare woman: “you’re crazy, you’re crazy! Let’s not money, then how far back?” Women have a face not lukewarm not calm, fire to say: “you why the hurry? Then what, we have two legs, walk is home.” Man depressing snorted women continued: “20 years ago, we don’t have a cent body, not so returned home? Then than now still cold days!” Man listened to the words of stare straight, not the eye: “you said, you say? “The woman asked:” you really don’t you remember? “Men fainting shook his head. The woman sighed, “looks, have a few money, you forget what they really put twenty years ago, our first out of town on business, that was the cleaners, even his home was not through here, you will give me a bowl of wonton eat, I know, when you left five hair moneys” Hear here, a man, look around here, “the woman said:” to “, is here, I’ll never forget, then it is a small and broken wonton store.” Man silently bowed his head, and the woman turned to the waiter in become speechless way: “girl, please give me another empty bowl to.” Waiter quickly brought the empty bowl, the woman took the wonton, dial before a half to empty bowl, gently till a man: “to eat, to eat out we go home!” Man stared at the half bowl before long wonton, said a sentence: “I am not hungry,” the woman’s eyes with tears, whispers: “twenty years ago, and you say so!” Say that finish, she stared at bowl didn’t move, so the spoon sat quietly The man said: “why don’t you eat?” Woman: “a SOB and twenty years ago, you ask me that I remember when I answer you will eat just a piece of food to eat, or is not to eat, now, or this sentence!” Silent man, hand picked up the spoon somehow, holding hands shaking the spoon and dished out several times, wonton all fell last, he finally a wonton into his mouth, a swallow, whole stomach when he came up out of the second wonton, tears suddenly seems’ seems to fall. A woman saw him to eat, a smile on her face, also took a spoon began to eat wonton, tears and drop it into a bowl, the couple will it with a bowl of wonton tears eaten points Put down gently asked, men looked woman: “full?” The woman shook his head man was so suddenly he remembered what seems to take off a leather shoes, bend, pull, hand to touch insoles, incredibly touching out five dollars for his means to stare, believe in money. The woman smiled and said: “20 years ago, you tricked me say only five hair moneys, can buy a bowl of wonton, actually, you have five hair moneys, hidden in the bottom, gucci shoes I know you want to hide the five hair moneys, wait me hungry again later when you were forced to eat a half that I must not wonton, gucci handbags full, take out money to buy a bowl of!” A beat, and she said, “okay, you remember the things we do, the five dollars, I didn’t white hidden!” A man without a tit-bit, and swallowed, even the soup with water, eat it all down his bowl urged woman: gucci shoe sale “quick to eat, eat well we go home!” The woman say: “you don’t worry, I speak to calculate words, return money, I signed a portion, and you don’t marry a woman well, where eight of ten, I also can’t tube you.” gucci Man suddenly shout loudly: “go up, I would put the divorce agreement burned, not yet?” Say that finish, he incredibly weeping, “I was wrong, I can’t? I’m not a cramp, head?”

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I gave up my youth

I gave up my youth When she was 17 years old, she has no intention of using the body for 1500 Yuan of money. Since then, she realized, using body can exchange benifits, and so she experienced this kind of trade for 3 times. Wan (a pseudonym) is a university students majoring in economics about Gucci jewelry in Chongqing in 2000, graduate school. This period of time, before leaving for any place, she is difficult time. gucci jewelry She phoning journalists to cry when they could not say words, but resolute don’t meet, finally we select on the QQ chat. My deepest impression of the first paragraph is: “as the time left, I found that more and more close, I had been pyrrhic.” You want to Wan has a large section of the impulse, always to send her story about her in Gucci company, so I interrupt is not much chance. But, she’s not very clear, organized lines that her talented. I also provides convenience to writing about her and her life and her experience including her life in Gucci packaging factory, I don’t need to try to organization, basically just put her words together, gucci shoes sale so try to keep the narration of truth. “I think he insulted me and bought me Gucci ring and he will marry me.” I was born in Jilin rural poor family only by the money parents made in Gucci cheap shop. as, my parents are all very good and honest men, not through the new clothes for the mother and father doesn’t drink or smoke also don’t gamble, gucci handbag sale they just didn’t living skills, so I went to what kind of situation, feel no blame their reason. In other words, I am to blame. Ever since I was little more than others, I have long good-looking northern rural rare white skin, parents so very cherish me and bought Gucci jewelry for me, seldom let me do housework. I in the village elementary school, junior high school in the town far away from Gucci charm company, in the county in high school, gucci my nickname is “village” from “flower” town again become “county flower”. When I was in school performance by solos, will represent the first prize in the school to attend the county on “advanced individual” rich commendation congress. The performance was successful, I realized for the first time what the glory. After the performance, the secretary of a county. Give me a red envelope, said this is the reward performers, is sponsored by the director woo. There is 100 Yuan. I was excited to jump to the heart, long to 17 years old, my hand has never been so much belong to oneself of money. In a restaurant when I saw the director woo, probably about 35, gucci handbags us partial short slants thin, also know he is rich, the our city, now he has discovered in food and a transportation company, for me, it is one of the tallest millionaires. When we no talking and throwing away my Gucci skull ring. Then put a summer holiday, woo, the trust or, the director said spoke invited me to dinner. I spent the whole day with his parents, no home, do not know, because I was alone in the village in high school. At my first hotel, that evening he kissed me, holding me, no other. But I’m afraid, I think it would be pregnant, so I’ve been to crying after midnight he went walking, gave me a bundle is 1500 Yuan, inside. That is for me a great deal of money, but I think he insulted me. Why you met with his first solo, with him to the hotel for his money or his Gucci necklace career? At that time I didn’t know what is a curious child, what all show solos, gucci shoes from the start, I found a when I don’t understand the world, the world is to belong to his factory), woo with my village, my home, my school, are not the same. I have lived in the hotel. Do you know him? gucci sale As if he had a family? He was not married. He told me of my love, let me also vanity puppy love. You are actually Like his? A little. So he gave me the money, I think he insulted me. Allow me to ask a may let you very embarrassing questions, you get the money? (silence for a moment). A journey in two Yuan tuition. After that, he occasionally invite I to have a meal, I buy clothes, will also help me make some puzzling classes and Jenifer, I tell him more familiar, but we have no real relationship. I read a year, when he got married, I feel emotional trauma, the little by little contact. The college entrance examination, gucci handbags the problem of university, I was originally rejected, instead of Chongqing university admissions. Chongqing, to me, just like the sky so far. And my family support to me finished high school was deeply in debt, cannot bear my tuition, parents persuaded me out gently.

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Looking for a warm man and grow old with him

Looking for a warm man and grow old with him Happiness, is looking for a warm man and grow old with him. Today, I suddenly wanted to tell people all over the world, cherish love and cherish the people you love, cherish people beside you and always protect you, just you cherish gucci watches discount , you are the baby in his heart. I can know the most romantic thing, that is grow old along with you, we collect all the happiness and laughter and we can talk about when we both grow old. We remember what is our like. When we are old,we can take off the gucci jewelry online and it is full of our memories. That man is really valuable. He beside you, you don’t know that you really love him, even took his love for granted, seldom realized his important for me, he is always remember my birthday and give gucci handbags authentic . Sometimes he maybe have a little capricious and temper, sometimes he feels tired, sometimes he feels to lack passion, but when you find he is no longer around you, nobody tube you babbling, nobody care about your pain, nobody buy gucci watches uk for you. You will suddenly find you love him so much. Love like a war, sometimes we need to conquer some troubles, these trouble may come from others or even ourself. From recognize till married, it seems experience a long time and we know each other well. But before we recognize, our life is completely different, there is no intersection. Without gucci sale we even can’t know each other. So it is inevitable to quarrel with each other after married. Sometimes, we will show the capricious. But that is not show we don’t like each, maybe in the future, it will be a good memory. You will treasure the gucci jewellery i bought for you and you will treasure the gucci handbags that you bought for me as engagement. These memory will never be forgotten by us. Your lover, you should feel him by your heart, to understand his heart, to think about what he need. I knowgucci is just an easy way to express the love. In your thinking he needs something, you’ve got his respect. You love, you must go to protect, although he is stronger than you or he is a big man, he thought he can protect you, your love is the strongest in the world, to protect the people you love. Your lover, you should carefully to cherish him, you should thank him, thank the gucci authentic make you know each other. bit by bit, to keep him in your mind to think about him often. To love you can put your face to endure the bad temper, used to you and he doesn’t like to take care of your habit, and laws, is because of his love. From we were born until now, actually we never really learn how to love, it is a drop from reality and experience of marketer can love, I write these really not to flaunt oneself, actually I also don’t know love children, in fact I was trying to tell a happiness around now in happiness and the brothers and sisters, treasure, protection, love you love you do not lose him, before. Also tell those who are looking for his own happiness and go in search of the road, brothers and sisters, must cherish after finding, protection, love you love you not lose him. Happiness, is looking for a warm man and grow old with him. I and gucci watches wholesale sincerely hope everyone has their own happiness!

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The desert love

The desert love ?Up to now, he does not forget the scene he met her with a Gucci pearl necklace for the first time, although she is not the little girl any longer. Hello, my name is Yi, from Anglo Chinese School near Gucci Company in the city… gucci shoes uk The girl’s name and home attracted his attention, he looked at carefully that girl, it was her they always played in Gucci wholesale factory shin they were children… thoughts returned a few months ago, Ye also reading three times. He took 31st bus to go to the bookstore to buy three review material and another book about Gucci jewelry. Crowded car with a mixture of dispersion of summer sweat taste. When the bus fast door dressed up from an avant-garde girl, purple hair, such as waves, dense eye shadow, wearing a Gucci black bracelet lightweight condole belt vest and short bull-puncher knickers is explicit line her enchanting, ear the headset with music, head of the rhythm dangling about, gucci jewellery online all eyes turned to her. The bus, bustles to the street where they have always went to Gucci cheap store fast, just go back, or so crowded, or so hot, overwhelming feeling. Soon, the girl was besides him, he glanced around the girl who has accepted his Gucci skull ring when he was young, complex and indifferent eyes seemed to make his suffocation, he quickly turned away, at roadside fleeting pedestrians. He feels like something into the pocket with Gucci charm in it, hurriedly hand clap, unexpectedly is that past girl’s hand in his pockets, and still clutched his wallet. You are small…” Ah! Nonsense! Don’t finish etc, girl screamed out high decibels and throw her Gucci penguin charm. All eyes were gathered at the girl again, people looked at him with contempt, and some people say simply sent him to the police station near Gucci discount shop to play rascal, small unexpectedly. gucci handbags us Few men ready, seems to be for the girl to beat for revenge. “No, I am not…” “What?” “She’s…”he several times are talking is interrupted, a red face a white, standing in the head. gucci watch wholesale The bus has arrived bookstore, gucci handbags in the eyes of the car next despised, but the girl followed off here and took out a Gucci charm watch to him! He only knew her here, He only knew she was in the city of another school reading three, But the dense attire, the complex and abstruse eyes with her age doesn’t coordination, why should she be sedulous such? He wants to know the answer, he dared to touch, and mother’s warning. Until the end of the entrance on the first night, he himself in the neighborhood in casual skateboard, gucci corner of the garden he saw. “Know? gucci jewellery My father mother gave birth to me with another woman walked, the mother from birth I hate me because she said I have a father’s shadow. gucci shoes Now, I also hate myself, I was just a life without any value, and I feel alive boring…

luni, februarie 28th, 2011

Life could not wait

Life could not wait Allegedly, if a man waited life could not wait until he who can not always forget not put, will turn into a tree in the former days, day by day are calm flatly light lived, everyday step-by-step ferry their children, the work, gucci sunglass buy vegetables, laundry, cooking, watch TV, play computer, sleeping. Ordinary can no longer ordinary. Bit appreciates life. Sometimes give mood a holiday, allow thoughts wander. Consciousness is in dreams and reality between wander. Sometimes quiet down carefully read a book, listen to a song, feeling slowly book wisdom, grade song artistic conception. If you have time to write a little experience, perhaps this is life is colorful. One day, guccis I went out for some errands didn’t with their sons, leave son at home. Just go out, soon, it was overcast, there’s thunder and lightning, the heavens were dark down, raining heavily, I was anxious to driving home, and the way the rain in the body, hit the glasses, blurred vision, simply took off glasses, gucci handbags us car splash, spray the undergrowth, rain is really too much. To family members’ hospital, haven’t ride into against the building heard son crying, son from other building went here and run, the small wet hair also give, I’m busy parked good, pull the son into the home, son stared at me, mom, how did you just come back, I’ll wait for you are worried, you also didn’t take rain clothes. Call you also don’t pick up the phone, you dropped gaffed in it. I touch son’s head says it isn’t my mother came back ah, why don’t you stay at home and watch computer run out! Son: “I afraid of thunder shut up, gucci handbag sale and the outside waiting for you to come back. I turn phones take out several did not answer the phone. Son say are the kid’s parents give dozen. I said I rain no longer put their son at home, son of darling put your head on my side. Evening and her husband said. He also didn’t say anything. Again one day, gucci handbags it is the morning, days and rain. The telephone rang, I saw that it was her husband’s phone, he says, it’s raining today you don’t get a shower, I of smiled and said, I know its raining today didn’t go out, at home to him? You are still pretty caring about yourself. I said I prescient. The husband is a straight temper won’t rhetoric, sometimes a telephone, a concern is sweet. One day I answer son from school, sons shall campus in the school play for a moment, in the afternoon, also nothing important matter play will play, he brought son to play, son of happiness and children play, play of frolic can be really happy. Unconsciously I played almost an hour. Play of all who have played this just walking home, the bike ride to arrive halfway, the telephone rang, is the husband call your stem what? gucci jewellery wholesale Haven’t go home, and I didn’t buy anything, breakfast to buy vegetables back. I said, in the school play for a while, I buy vegetables! Phone hangs. General situation is I go home earlier; who let work compares freedom? gucci watches uk Home he put directly into the house. Ride bikes then should do what do what, suddenly I get home late, some are not used to it. gucci Evening I think for a long time, perhaps, the home of the significance, is a kind of habit, home you in.

sâmbătă, februarie 26th, 2011

The people we should thank

The people we should thank That day, I brought my wife who has juts worn my Gucci ring to my hometown in village. Two days before I went home, she felt very happy, she has been being lived in the city where she could buy her favorite Gucci pink bracelet and has never been to the village. She bought a lot of presents for my parents. After I arrived at home, she could not wait to show my parents the presents. Sweater, cheap gucci boots, tea, honey… Hinging edge from the bag out of these things, said some filial piety. To live her life, yet they have to buy so many things, the parents apparently dont know how to be good, the mother said: “this… this…” I know that parents are faithfulness honesty, tongue-tied, hurriedly dozen circle field said: “this is Ying filial piety you, she said to do a filial piety daughter-in-law and passed my mother a Gucci pearl necklace.” Father smiled and said: “well… well and gave her 1000 Yuan which can afford a Gucci black bracelet…” During dinner, I think Hinging mood some wrong that may be because of the journey to this place where is far from the city where Gucci UK is very famous. After dinner, we early to rest and my wife took off her Gucci skull ring and slept down. I asked Hinging: “you don’t comfortable?” Hinging shook his head. “That you how appear not happy?” I kindly ask. “I ask you a question, you don’t get angry. Your parents don’t like me and they do not like the presents I sent them such as that Gucci charm? I bought so many gifts, and how they are not even a thank you.” Hinging said, in her voice. I hastened explained: “my parents are, they are not used to say” thank you “. You don’t care.” Hinging doesnt talk, turning, she soon fell asleep, but I can’t sleep. I thought, Hinging may be angry, this was the first time she came to my house, and is also the first time she saw my parents, gucci shoes authentic should let them have a good impression. Thought of here, my parents would come under the bed, the room. They haven’t slept, father, mother sitting still smoking in bed pushed things. I literally and they talked for a while, just say to the theme. I say: “dad, mom, hinging give you bought so many things you today how run-on sentences, words are not say thanks? She’s city dwellers, regardless of this; you don’t give her impolite impression.” My voice is very small, but suddenly that all parents stay. Mother stop work to pack the Gucci penguin charm, the lower the head, the skirt. Father stopped smoking, stares at me as if I was suddenly into the stranger. We all keep silent. gucci jewelry wholesale I feel atmosphere wrong, “said earlier for parents” break out of the room. The next morning, I and Hinging after getting up, I opened the door and saw mother stood in the doorway, a face gaunt look, gucci jewellery eyes also some red. Hinging long once, then say: “good morning, mom. “Mother Hinging go before Hinging, holding the hand with my Gucci sterling silver ring and said,” children, thank you… Thank you for your father and me to buy so many things. “The mother said to her Hinging surprised to see her mother, see me again, not knowing what to say. I suddenly understand everything; do not know what it feels like to eat breakfast. When the father put some rice, vegetables, sitting in the kitchen, I eat up and how to persuade him to the main room of the table to eat, he couldn’t go. gucci sunglass I feel faint, father is mad at me, and he himself with the right to protest, I think. I have some hunger no appetite for dinner. This morning, I find an opportunity, quietly asked his father, “daddy, you mad at me?” My father turned white eye say: “I which dare bumpkin which you in this city.” Naturally, my father’s words hurt yesterday evening. However, I don’t think they are wrong, Hinging bought so many gifts, they should not say thank you? I explained: “dad, you don’t angry, Hinging city is very much, manners, you should also say thank you.” Unexpectedly, I these words angered his father, he shouted to me: gucci handbags “thank you! I and your mother for so many years, you don’t hear you say thank you? Now that you are in a city to as manager of Gucci charm club, you have money even buy Gucci jewelry so you care these, despise, parents give you before a!!!!! You couldn’t sleep all night last night, mother, she kept blame yourself! I asked you, you made the wrong? What mother.” Father’s words as I stood there, gucci watches uk whose silly. Father: a cigarette, sigh, slow lonely say: “your mother gave birth to your brother’s next night fever, you, I don’t live at home, when your mother, regardless of the weak body, embrace you trip across the river to see a doctor, the October how cold is ah, your fever, disease, but your mother legs hurt from that later, it often is painful to cloudy, it is not for you, you grow so big also didn’t say a word for her.” The father’s voice is not big, but every word, every word I feel like the needle in the heart. Why do we give to others presents “grateful for their parents, but for the kindness of the blind? gucci Parents do for me so much, I never said to them, “thank you”, and I have again come up with y thanks qualifications? Should say thank me, rather than I hurt, I love you.

vineri, februarie 25th, 2011

At the right time meet the right person

At the right time meet the right person The time to meet the right person is blessing, appreciation. The time to meet the wrong person will be embarrassment, helpless, fast. The wrong time meet the right person; make person heartache, sadness, depression. The wrong time you meet the right person, and then give people a tore heart crack lung of painful. We always say love to speak out. gucci sunglass wholesale Yeah, you love him/her and you may send her a Gucci ring, but did not say, he/she can know? So to speak out. If the time is right to say out loud, “I love you!” To win, gucci sunglasses wholesale it is a joy and cheers, is a blessing, expectations. But, you in to the time you meet the right person and he loves you very much and he can do anything for you such as wear a Gucci bracelet, you speak out of love becomes a torture became troubled, become helpless. You cried out, “I love you!” Later, you will find yourself how, how embarrassed. If you in the wrong time meet a person who owns a lot for instance a Gucci charm club, although you love, although you hit it off, but, do you wrong, or bare time is too early or too late. Early you have no contacts ideological preparation, until you have their family. Then, you will only feel aching, feel sad, depressed and your promise will be abolished and you will throw Gucci necklace he sent you! If in the wrong time you met the wrong person. Although nothing wrong, but the astounding love one, though, the love of love, love is painful just like Gucci charm watch everything will pass by, who was accused laugh, gucci handbags sale but you also true love. Even if you are one of the last leave scar you just hold that Gucci sterling silver that is enough , even if you only love finally black and blue, even if you finally only enough trails. But you won’t be sad, finally will beauty of Japanese names, gucci jewellery “said that you don’t care everlasting, as happened.” The love, the love is all we see. Love, even now. Serious injury, wake up. But there is a love that is the torture. No matter you are right or wrong time, no matter you meet is right or wrong. Anyway, you met, all obstacles, break through the wall of secular hazing, you love, love, love, love ourselves the desperate. But you have little resistance to that beautiful Gucci pearl charm between intangible but powerful, gucci handbags though. Love in the pale before the resistance. Though once vows of eternal love in the ear, although have secured in the ear, but still not insurmountable gap with these. You only choose silence, only choice. So, you can take this love deeply buried in the heart. Allow it to take root, and bear in mind forever, but no fruit. A chance meeting about Gucci jewelry, a beautiful encounter, you know, who know each other, phase, “by heart, love is feeling”. No time to meet the wrong people. You are married, she also marry with the daughter of a boss of Gucci packaging. But you are deeply attracted by each other. In the heat of your love, you love, secretly conscience, you suffer from heavy feeling depressed and you throw Gucci pearl charm, you feel happier than the lonely than happiness, and you endure more than blessing condemnation. gucci So ye in secretly, feel is tired, but only regret, If you allow it, let it, and then you must be scarred, is not worth the candle. Friends, in the wrong time meet the wrong person. Although you are buried under the seeds of love, but ask you to believe that such a seed may flower, but always not knot. Friends, love are a prerequisite. Happiness is the love, at the right time to meet the person. To meet the person, is not to a second, no late a second, no, nor a step back, but just right. What are just good can make happiness of life, gucci shoe sale can fulfill perfect love. If you are in the wrong time to meet the wrong people. Since this is not the only blossom you can lie and feel my Gucci bracelet black moving, why don’t you take these results in a wrong person heart, slowly dissolve, precipitation, by years of mind to purify, that is not a kind of pain, but a kind of aftertaste, is a kind of feeling that is a permanent, is a kind of pure and constant qualitative feeling. There is a love to bring the deep heart. My heart is another kind of love, another kind of life, another kind of eternity. gucci watches uk Wish all the friends can cherish their families, were able to collect an everlasting friendship. I hope all friends, family and friendship can remain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joi, februarie 24th, 2011

There is a kind of love called responsibility

There is a kind of love called responsibility My best friend, cheap gucci shoe she is the reporter of TV show about economics about Gucci jewelry. She is eminent and very beautiful. Her family is also good, her father is the boss of Gucci company, and her mother is a teacher. Living in such a family, she is not afraid to get married, what she worried is whom to marry. A year ago, two boys, a study is architecture design in architectural design about adornments including Gucci pearl necklace, and points. A study is, points to the municipal environmental protection bureau. Both crazy love meat Zhen: a made an example as sales of building model and gave her a note attached: “this is our love nest, do you like?” Women are like big house, like to wear beautiful Gucci pink bracelet Zhen have no reason not to like, The boy graduated from college near Gucci charm UK company, flat in her yard, and pitched on the shelf Hazy, said: “if a family is a garden, I’ll let you become beautiful fairy in my life.” Women are delusion, lung romantic wage-earners hidden. Grain Zhen have no reason not to. Annual valentine’s day, gucci clothing sale will receive two big bundle gushing colorful red roses, every Christmas, she will receive two tickets party invitations ticket… But at the end, but nobody near gushing, facing two choices, she can only escape with that beautiful Gucci sterling silver ring. In 2006, the spring of gushing father been cheated out of a unit of money. The hole in the wall to, if not his father will be subject to the leadership responsibility. Family is to raise money for his father, of course, Zhen beleaguered through inaction. She decided to two boys. She didn’t love two boys although they all care about me very much on my birthday they will send me present like this Gucci pearl necklace, but in the heart of how some of the set. gucci sunglass wholesale She heard the boy little to building a pen, the pea shortly before the boy went to work in Gucci discount shopping center in Shenzhen. Grain Zhen dialed in building the telephone, the boy said: “I want you to do me a favor, lend me ten million dollars that can afford Gucci jewelry.” Person say: “is your father for a few days ago? gucci jewellery I heard. But…” However, is willing. Grain Zhen namely actually. Try it. For their heart can borrow such a large sum of money almost no hope. She called out of the mobile phone, working boys through. She said: “I want you to do me a favor, lend me ten million dollars.” Other said: “what?” Grain Zhen said: “the sooner the better.” Other said: “I will give you tomorrow. You have collected the past account told me.” The next day, we will see his meal Zhen to 10 million dollars remittance. Grain Zhen is not seen large sums of money, gucci but at the new card number, the tears unexpectedly. Home is the things after meal Zhen, can make a phone call to ask him: “I borrow $10 million, why don’t you ask me borrow stem what for?” He said: “if you have trouble to me. Will open?” She is a warm heart. Ask again: “10 million dollars a year betray. If you see, rich?” He had a meal, answer: “I didn’t stop, heel where 100,000 Yuan rich? gucci sunglass Of course not small number… you don’t laugh at me, I only 2 million more than the other, I asked my parents borrow five million, to borrow a 3 million to uncle gather enough. They asked me to borrow money to buy you a Gucci skull ring for marriage, you know what I told them? And I said, I want to buy a house into the corner. Now, I’m wondering how to lie well!” “I must have you back as soon as possible.” Hang up the phone, zheng couldn’t control myself. Tears again like kipper downwards like kipper beads. After a month, Zhen to Shenzhen. In asking rent house found the boy and said: “I want to marry you, with you, gucci handbags would you like to pay?” A boy, ask her: “why?” She said: “I heard this sentence: there is a love that bear on all friends. That dares to lend you the money, gucci handbags us the friend’s friend.” The boy watched that she laughed and then picked up the gushing, travel-stained meal in the small room, they turned up happy like far-away summer flutters around the butterfly

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