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There is a kind of love called responsibility

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There is a kind of love called responsibility My best friend, cheap gucci shoe she is the reporter of TV show about economics about Gucci jewelry. She is eminent and very beautiful. Her family is also good, her father is the boss of Gucci company, and her mother is a teacher. Living in such a family, she is not afraid to get married, what she worried is whom to marry. A year ago, two boys, a study is architecture design in architectural design about adornments including Gucci pearl necklace, and points. A study is, points to the municipal environmental protection bureau. Both crazy love meat Zhen: a made an example as sales of building model and gave her a note attached: “this is our love nest, do you like?” Women are like big house, like to wear beautiful Gucci pink bracelet Zhen have no reason not to like, The boy graduated from college near Gucci charm UK company, flat in her yard, and pitched on the shelf Hazy, said: “if a family is a garden, I’ll let you become beautiful fairy in my life.” Women are delusion, lung romantic wage-earners hidden. Grain Zhen have no reason not to. Annual valentine’s day, gucci clothing sale will receive two big bundle gushing colorful red roses, every Christmas, she will receive two tickets party invitations ticket… But at the end, but nobody near gushing, facing two choices, she can only escape with that beautiful Gucci sterling silver ring. In 2006, the spring of gushing father been cheated out of a unit of money. The hole in the wall to, if not his father will be subject to the leadership responsibility. Family is to raise money for his father, of course, Zhen beleaguered through inaction. She decided to two boys. She didn’t love two boys although they all care about me very much on my birthday they will send me present like this Gucci pearl necklace, but in the heart of how some of the set. gucci sunglass wholesale She heard the boy little to building a pen, the pea shortly before the boy went to work in Gucci discount shopping center in Shenzhen. Grain Zhen dialed in building the telephone, the boy said: “I want you to do me a favor, lend me ten million dollars that can afford Gucci jewelry.” Person say: “is your father for a few days ago? gucci jewellery I heard. But…” However, is willing. Grain Zhen namely actually. Try it. For their heart can borrow such a large sum of money almost no hope. She called out of the mobile phone, working boys through. She said: “I want you to do me a favor, lend me ten million dollars.” Other said: “what?” Grain Zhen said: “the sooner the better.” Other said: “I will give you tomorrow. You have collected the past account told me.” The next day, we will see his meal Zhen to 10 million dollars remittance. Grain Zhen is not seen large sums of money, gucci but at the new card number, the tears unexpectedly. Home is the things after meal Zhen, can make a phone call to ask him: “I borrow $10 million, why don’t you ask me borrow stem what for?” He said: “if you have trouble to me. Will open?” She is a warm heart. Ask again: “10 million dollars a year betray. If you see, rich?” He had a meal, answer: “I didn’t stop, heel where 100,000 Yuan rich? gucci sunglass Of course not small number… you don’t laugh at me, I only 2 million more than the other, I asked my parents borrow five million, to borrow a 3 million to uncle gather enough. They asked me to borrow money to buy you a Gucci skull ring for marriage, you know what I told them? And I said, I want to buy a house into the corner. Now, I’m wondering how to lie well!” “I must have you back as soon as possible.” Hang up the phone, zheng couldn’t control myself. Tears again like kipper downwards like kipper beads. After a month, Zhen to Shenzhen. In asking rent house found the boy and said: “I want to marry you, with you, gucci handbags would you like to pay?” A boy, ask her: “why?” She said: “I heard this sentence: there is a love that bear on all friends. That dares to lend you the money, gucci handbags us the friend’s friend.” The boy watched that she laughed and then picked up the gushing, travel-stained meal in the small room, they turned up happy like far-away summer flutters around the butterfly

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