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Life could not wait

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Life could not wait Allegedly, if a man waited life could not wait until he who can not always forget not put, will turn into a tree in the former days, day by day are calm flatly light lived, everyday step-by-step ferry their children, the work, gucci sunglass buy vegetables, laundry, cooking, watch TV, play computer, sleeping. Ordinary can no longer ordinary. Bit appreciates life. Sometimes give mood a holiday, allow thoughts wander. Consciousness is in dreams and reality between wander. Sometimes quiet down carefully read a book, listen to a song, feeling slowly book wisdom, grade song artistic conception. If you have time to write a little experience, perhaps this is life is colorful. One day, guccis I went out for some errands didn’t with their sons, leave son at home. Just go out, soon, it was overcast, there’s thunder and lightning, the heavens were dark down, raining heavily, I was anxious to driving home, and the way the rain in the body, hit the glasses, blurred vision, simply took off glasses, gucci handbags us car splash, spray the undergrowth, rain is really too much. To family members’ hospital, haven’t ride into against the building heard son crying, son from other building went here and run, the small wet hair also give, I’m busy parked good, pull the son into the home, son stared at me, mom, how did you just come back, I’ll wait for you are worried, you also didn’t take rain clothes. Call you also don’t pick up the phone, you dropped gaffed in it. I touch son’s head says it isn’t my mother came back ah, why don’t you stay at home and watch computer run out! Son: “I afraid of thunder shut up, gucci handbag sale and the outside waiting for you to come back. I turn phones take out several did not answer the phone. Son say are the kid’s parents give dozen. I said I rain no longer put their son at home, son of darling put your head on my side. Evening and her husband said. He also didn’t say anything. Again one day, gucci handbags it is the morning, days and rain. The telephone rang, I saw that it was her husband’s phone, he says, it’s raining today you don’t get a shower, I of smiled and said, I know its raining today didn’t go out, at home to him? You are still pretty caring about yourself. I said I prescient. The husband is a straight temper won’t rhetoric, sometimes a telephone, a concern is sweet. One day I answer son from school, sons shall campus in the school play for a moment, in the afternoon, also nothing important matter play will play, he brought son to play, son of happiness and children play, play of frolic can be really happy. Unconsciously I played almost an hour. Play of all who have played this just walking home, the bike ride to arrive halfway, the telephone rang, is the husband call your stem what? gucci jewellery wholesale Haven’t go home, and I didn’t buy anything, breakfast to buy vegetables back. I said, in the school play for a while, I buy vegetables! Phone hangs. General situation is I go home earlier; who let work compares freedom? gucci watches uk Home he put directly into the house. Ride bikes then should do what do what, suddenly I get home late, some are not used to it. gucci Evening I think for a long time, perhaps, the home of the significance, is a kind of habit, home you in.

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