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The desert love

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The desert love ?Up to now, he does not forget the scene he met her with a Gucci pearl necklace for the first time, although she is not the little girl any longer. Hello, my name is Yi, from Anglo Chinese School near Gucci Company in the city… gucci shoes uk The girl’s name and home attracted his attention, he looked at carefully that girl, it was her they always played in Gucci wholesale factory shin they were children… thoughts returned a few months ago, Ye also reading three times. He took 31st bus to go to the bookstore to buy three review material and another book about Gucci jewelry. Crowded car with a mixture of dispersion of summer sweat taste. When the bus fast door dressed up from an avant-garde girl, purple hair, such as waves, dense eye shadow, wearing a Gucci black bracelet lightweight condole belt vest and short bull-puncher knickers is explicit line her enchanting, ear the headset with music, head of the rhythm dangling about, gucci jewellery online all eyes turned to her. The bus, bustles to the street where they have always went to Gucci cheap store fast, just go back, or so crowded, or so hot, overwhelming feeling. Soon, the girl was besides him, he glanced around the girl who has accepted his Gucci skull ring when he was young, complex and indifferent eyes seemed to make his suffocation, he quickly turned away, at roadside fleeting pedestrians. He feels like something into the pocket with Gucci charm in it, hurriedly hand clap, unexpectedly is that past girl’s hand in his pockets, and still clutched his wallet. You are small…” Ah! Nonsense! Don’t finish etc, girl screamed out high decibels and throw her Gucci penguin charm. All eyes were gathered at the girl again, people looked at him with contempt, and some people say simply sent him to the police station near Gucci discount shop to play rascal, small unexpectedly. gucci handbags us Few men ready, seems to be for the girl to beat for revenge. “No, I am not…” “What?” “She’s…”he several times are talking is interrupted, a red face a white, standing in the head. gucci watch wholesale The bus has arrived bookstore, gucci handbags in the eyes of the car next despised, but the girl followed off here and took out a Gucci charm watch to him! He only knew her here, He only knew she was in the city of another school reading three, But the dense attire, the complex and abstruse eyes with her age doesn’t coordination, why should she be sedulous such? He wants to know the answer, he dared to touch, and mother’s warning. Until the end of the entrance on the first night, he himself in the neighborhood in casual skateboard, gucci corner of the garden he saw. “Know? gucci jewellery My father mother gave birth to me with another woman walked, the mother from birth I hate me because she said I have a father’s shadow. gucci shoes Now, I also hate myself, I was just a life without any value, and I feel alive boring…

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