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I gave up my youth

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I gave up my youth When she was 17 years old, she has no intention of using the body for 1500 Yuan of money. Since then, she realized, using body can exchange benifits, and so she experienced this kind of trade for 3 times. Wan (a pseudonym) is a university students majoring in economics about Gucci jewelry in Chongqing in 2000, graduate school. This period of time, before leaving for any place, she is difficult time. gucci jewelry She phoning journalists to cry when they could not say words, but resolute don’t meet, finally we select on the QQ chat. My deepest impression of the first paragraph is: “as the time left, I found that more and more close, I had been pyrrhic.” You want to Wan has a large section of the impulse, always to send her story about her in Gucci company, so I interrupt is not much chance. But, she’s not very clear, organized lines that her talented. I also provides convenience to writing about her and her life and her experience including her life in Gucci packaging factory, I don’t need to try to organization, basically just put her words together, gucci shoes sale so try to keep the narration of truth. “I think he insulted me and bought me Gucci ring and he will marry me.” I was born in Jilin rural poor family only by the money parents made in Gucci cheap shop. as, my parents are all very good and honest men, not through the new clothes for the mother and father doesn’t drink or smoke also don’t gamble, gucci handbag sale they just didn’t living skills, so I went to what kind of situation, feel no blame their reason. In other words, I am to blame. Ever since I was little more than others, I have long good-looking northern rural rare white skin, parents so very cherish me and bought Gucci jewelry for me, seldom let me do housework. I in the village elementary school, junior high school in the town far away from Gucci charm company, in the county in high school, gucci my nickname is “village” from “flower” town again become “county flower”. When I was in school performance by solos, will represent the first prize in the school to attend the county on “advanced individual” rich commendation congress. The performance was successful, I realized for the first time what the glory. After the performance, the secretary of a county. Give me a red envelope, said this is the reward performers, is sponsored by the director woo. There is 100 Yuan. I was excited to jump to the heart, long to 17 years old, my hand has never been so much belong to oneself of money. In a restaurant when I saw the director woo, probably about 35, gucci handbags us partial short slants thin, also know he is rich, the our city, now he has discovered in food and a transportation company, for me, it is one of the tallest millionaires. When we no talking and throwing away my Gucci skull ring. Then put a summer holiday, woo, the trust or, the director said spoke invited me to dinner. I spent the whole day with his parents, no home, do not know, because I was alone in the village in high school. At my first hotel, that evening he kissed me, holding me, no other. But I’m afraid, I think it would be pregnant, so I’ve been to crying after midnight he went walking, gave me a bundle is 1500 Yuan, inside. That is for me a great deal of money, but I think he insulted me. Why you met with his first solo, with him to the hotel for his money or his Gucci necklace career? At that time I didn’t know what is a curious child, what all show solos, gucci shoes from the start, I found a when I don’t understand the world, the world is to belong to his factory), woo with my village, my home, my school, are not the same. I have lived in the hotel. Do you know him? gucci sale As if he had a family? He was not married. He told me of my love, let me also vanity puppy love. You are actually Like his? A little. So he gave me the money, I think he insulted me. Allow me to ask a may let you very embarrassing questions, you get the money? (silence for a moment). A journey in two Yuan tuition. After that, he occasionally invite I to have a meal, I buy clothes, will also help me make some puzzling classes and Jenifer, I tell him more familiar, but we have no real relationship. I read a year, when he got married, I feel emotional trauma, the little by little contact. The college entrance examination, gucci handbags the problem of university, I was originally rejected, instead of Chongqing university admissions. Chongqing, to me, just like the sky so far. And my family support to me finished high school was deeply in debt, cannot bear my tuition, parents persuaded me out gently.

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