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The moving wife

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The moving wife Their stories are very moving, and it is worth learning for young people. This day, there comes two guests, gucci uk a man wears a Gucci charm watch with a woman, they are about 40 years old, wearing well, the man wear a big travel bag, it seems that they have just traveled from somewhere. Waiter cheerfully on menu man took the menu directly pass female with a lovely Gucci ring, say: “you, what to eat” woman, without even up to the waiter, “give us come to bowl wonton!” Waiter Dishing, which have to eat wonton restaurant near Gucci charm club? Besides, there is no wonton selling she thought oneself didn’t hear clearly, uneasy looked at the woman customer woman again to repeat the words themselves, the man beside this yelled: “what to eat wonton, and not have no money?” guccis The woman shake to say: “I want to eat wonton!” Man long, see the waiter surprised eyes, very embarrassed to say: “okay, please give us two bowls wonton which she always eat when they were as Gucci suppliers.” “No!” the woman hurried adds, “just a bowl of!” A man and a bowl Dishing, how to eat? Woman looks at the man pursy brows, he said: “you not promise, they listen to me?” Men don’t reply, hands with a Gucci black bracelet on chair beside the waiter with a smile of contempt, thought: this woman dig a door to dig in the home not to eat wonton restaurant light, two people still just a bowl of her lower lip was rushed woman: “sorry, we have to sell, two wonton or outside big gear go!” A woman was very surprising, want to just say: “why not? You are selling wonton too small business about Gucci jewelry is not willing to do so?” At the moment, the restaurant owner just after he heard a woman calling Gucci skull ring is here, then flushes attendant wave, the waiter went past gathered against way: “boss, do you see this, two points in this only eat wonton, this is not sourly Dao?” gucci shoe discount he smiled taking out his Gucci penguin charm, she put a hand he also feel very strange: look at this couple dressed, should not be master of rice, who estimates that otherwise what idea anyway, business, not out of the truth. He commanded waiter: “you quietly outside buy a bowl, how much to buy back the wonton, later when the double check more money!” Then he sat down and began to pull chair of strange observation that the couple with a pair of Gucci pearl necklaces. After a while, the waiter back a bowl of steaming wonton, to put before a woman, said: “please slow in two.” See, gucci handbags us the eyes of all women wonton, she put her face lit up to a fine, deeply, and then, one spoon gently a bowl, like to eat wonton, has not sent along mouth. Man stare big eyes to see the woman, and twist, and magically pass her a Gucci sterling silver ring bought from Gucci charm UK feel all look around the eye with strange staring at them, feel ashamed, and hate to say: “I don’t understand what you are doing, faraway run, just to eat wonton?” the bowl. The woman looked said: “I like!” A man a picked up the menu: “you love to eat just eat, I’m hungry day,” he beckoned reestablishment, stretch the waiter 78 expensive food points Women don’t hurry don’t slow down, a man of the dishes faintly waiter said: “you’d better ask him any money, eat meal” overlord No, a man came as attendant reaction is red the face: “fart! Lao will eat dinner? Lao the will not overlord money?” He said to the arms to suddenly, “yes”, “my wallet?” He stood up, straight-tempered also clap and knead in appearance, cell phone also found missing man stands dazed for a long time, finally the woman across the sights The woman said: “without more ado you don’t fifing about the wallet and mobile phone me last night, have thrown into the river.” A man, fire: “are you crazy!” Women like didn’t hear, continue to slow mixing bowl of a man suddenly remind of what, wonton carry-on luggage, open hand in fierce Tao The woman coldly said a sentence: “don’t you watch and I ring, we bring out all the valuable things, I threw the river my body and five dollars to buy this bowl, only wonton!” A man’s face was white, a bottom sit down, angry stare woman: “you’re crazy, you’re crazy! Let’s not money, then how far back?” Women have a face not lukewarm not calm, fire to say: “you why the hurry? Then what, we have two legs, walk is home.” Man depressing snorted women continued: “20 years ago, we don’t have a cent body, not so returned home? Then than now still cold days!” Man listened to the words of stare straight, not the eye: “you said, you say? “The woman asked:” you really don’t you remember? “Men fainting shook his head. The woman sighed, “looks, have a few money, you forget what they really put twenty years ago, our first out of town on business, that was the cleaners, even his home was not through here, you will give me a bowl of wonton eat, I know, when you left five hair moneys” Hear here, a man, look around here, “the woman said:” to “, is here, I’ll never forget, then it is a small and broken wonton store.” Man silently bowed his head, and the woman turned to the waiter in become speechless way: “girl, please give me another empty bowl to.” Waiter quickly brought the empty bowl, the woman took the wonton, dial before a half to empty bowl, gently till a man: “to eat, to eat out we go home!” Man stared at the half bowl before long wonton, said a sentence: “I am not hungry,” the woman’s eyes with tears, whispers: “twenty years ago, and you say so!” Say that finish, she stared at bowl didn’t move, so the spoon sat quietly The man said: “why don’t you eat?” Woman: “a SOB and twenty years ago, you ask me that I remember when I answer you will eat just a piece of food to eat, or is not to eat, now, or this sentence!” Silent man, hand picked up the spoon somehow, holding hands shaking the spoon and dished out several times, wonton all fell last, he finally a wonton into his mouth, a swallow, whole stomach when he came up out of the second wonton, tears suddenly seems’ seems to fall. A woman saw him to eat, a smile on her face, also took a spoon began to eat wonton, tears and drop it into a bowl, the couple will it with a bowl of wonton tears eaten points Put down gently asked, men looked woman: “full?” The woman shook his head man was so suddenly he remembered what seems to take off a leather shoes, bend, pull, hand to touch insoles, incredibly touching out five dollars for his means to stare, believe in money. The woman smiled and said: “20 years ago, you tricked me say only five hair moneys, can buy a bowl of wonton, actually, you have five hair moneys, hidden in the bottom, gucci shoes I know you want to hide the five hair moneys, wait me hungry again later when you were forced to eat a half that I must not wonton, gucci handbags full, take out money to buy a bowl of!” A beat, and she said, “okay, you remember the things we do, the five dollars, I didn’t white hidden!” A man without a tit-bit, and swallowed, even the soup with water, eat it all down his bowl urged woman: gucci shoe sale “quick to eat, eat well we go home!” The woman say: “you don’t worry, I speak to calculate words, return money, I signed a portion, and you don’t marry a woman well, where eight of ten, I also can’t tube you.” gucci Man suddenly shout loudly: “go up, I would put the divorce agreement burned, not yet?” Say that finish, he incredibly weeping, “I was wrong, I can’t? I’m not a cramp, head?”

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