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Everything is possible

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Everything is possible ??When she was 17, she fell in love on campus, hands in hands she felt very happy. Many of her friends envied her very much, and they would say how handsome your boyfriend was, you matched badly, the boy would always lower his head slightly. The boy indeed features, gucci shoes sale jade, but she prefers his green, the pure love. During college he has ever bought a Gucci ring for her to make her know that he loved her. Four years later, she will graduate, take the boy came back to the home town, and call our parents. Who knows, inquire, gucci pale boy parents immediately became cold. The boy when he left, and her father said: “please put your things away, we don’t need.” The boy began to say: “uncle, you trust, I’ll take care of your daughter!” The father replied: “you sneer at only a snack, my daughter is a college student, and you can give her happiness?” gucci handbag For the first time, she incredibly loudly reprimand angrily to his father, “daddy so speak!” Hasn’t come, she has got a slap in the face, with chaotic swollen he felt sad that Gucci watch dropped down. Stare at her father: “this is the first time I hit you, but if you don’t listen – - – - – - and we can make a choice between!” Mother is bitter tears lain, counsel. Finally, the girl cried to send the boy returned to the hotel. Back home, she made clear that it was not willing to give up this relationship, even the hunger strike against. Parents house on the fifth floor of Gucci UK company locked, she climbed through the window, aunt’s house door, go to a small hotel ran out for him. He carefully to see her, gently stroked her red face down to tears, fingerprints, half can’t say a word. She loves to eat chocolate bars and strawberry cake, love to wear white skirt, love laughter, and store soon ripe. gucci handbags He is famous snack shop, see her blush. One day, he rarely shops in Gucci stores, made the scene in the above egg whip, put a raisin, and specially recommend her, said quietly: “this is the princess egg whip, I feel for you.” She glanced at him, he blushed like peach, she ate one egg whip, sweet and delicious, warm heart, sweet to 4 – - – - this is the first love? The princess with raisins egg whip is exclusive, 4 years she has her sweet for 4 years. Now, the pain is more astounding. Always obedient she cannot bear to see their parents to tears, and often speaks just sniffles incessantly, still hold his hand: “don’t worry, we’ll be together!” When she ran out to the sixth steal hotel, gucci shoes uk but she is a little waiter origami sheet, saying that boys have check-out. When she finally got the cookies to provincial travel after him, he has to resign. She almost nightly cries. Later, she finally faded to hate him with strong timid thoughts, and the company income abundant department manager fell in love, gucci shoes later, she married wit him and she received a Gucci silver ring, and the main cars at home this weekend in the family enjoy flower go outing. First, only a faint trace, but the shapes, she still clips in his diary. 6 years, she has Doting old, suddenly see the origami, dismay, did not consciously apart, like apart their solution. There are numerous, and the words are written slowly, “I hope life carefully lets you do I happiness egg whip princess, but bring you pain. Every time you come is more pale, thin will die. I love that, gucci handbags us I find three months without your parents, many times, pleaded no result, no tolerance you struggled. I only first exit, make you completely forgot me, just have to fill blank new happiness just as were as Gucci suppliers – - – - – -” The pen is fuzzy, writing his tears. She thought, he never said that their parents, for a walk, that what a man? Again useless talk these now, but she still can’t help give a phone call to his mother: “he had looked for you many times, who was lying?” Mother was silent for a long time, incredibly sighed, leisurely say: “he’s really crazy kid who took that Gucci pink bracelet.” He tried many times to her parents. The last time, her mother remembered. He was a black eye, shirt, bit wobbly fighters of ants, said: “I’m ready to leave her, don’t touch her, and let her completely forgot me, but – - – - – - – - the aunt, I’ll call you next, please tell me she is good? Or, I worried about his help to find her with that Gucci pearl charm- – - – - -” You know he slowly fell in love and got married, half a dozen telephone. He deliberately told me, don’t let you know, gucci watches uk miss. His phone instead of calling from extensively, no fixed in a city. In the first three months of last time, he phoned, says he wants to get married, says he is not forgotten you fast speed, but a bit, finally the blank. She listened to, the tears flow. Originally, forgetting is a blessing forget the past they were in Gucci cheap store, and is also a kind of love. He was alone in different cities, the most precious wander between the youthful years to continue this period, only one of first love – - – -

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