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miercuri, februarie 23rd, 2011

Love your house no matter what is it like

Love your house no matter what is it like One should not think mother is ugly, the dog should not think his home is poor! Please go on looking at everybody! The day when I married, mother asked me who are the two ugly people in the corner? gucci jewelry Please every filial children patient [...]

marți, februarie 22nd, 2011

Eveyone is indepensent

Eveyone is indepensent Crowds and people, gucci even the corner, your smiling face is so familiar, but your eyes are so strange that it make me in tears and wanted to throw that Gucci ring you sent me. How Such gloomy words can show the cruelness of time, in fact, everything has passed, it will [...]

luni, februarie 21st, 2011

I love you very much

I love you very much ??You came up with depart so peacefully, with not a lit pity. When you came to me with that beautiful Gucci pink bracelet, I found that you are so beautiful, I really want to embrace you, gucci shoes authentic but I can not. Do you know your beauty makes [...]

vineri, februarie 18th, 2011

The story moved us

The story moved us My wife Jane was dead in winter of last year; she died from leukemia, only in the hospital near Gucci charm club stayed for three weeks. I sent her home last year, the room tidy up her clothes, and show me where to put securities and ID card, took all the [...]

miercuri, februarie 16th, 2011

Hope you are well

Hope you are well Another autumn, with the leaves falling, are you well? We havent seen each other for five years. These five years we walked from a girl and then went into the marriage to wear that Gucci ring, our hopes to open our own Gucci wholesale shop. I just graduated from the city [...]

marți, februarie 15th, 2011

Love a woman 12 years older than me

Love a woman 12 years older than me In February, we met through work in Gucci Company, I got that she owned a Gucci discount shop herself, she was 34 years old and she is 12 years older than me. At the beginning we started calling each other sister and brother. She’s very profound knowledge [...]

luni, februarie 14th, 2011

Nobody can understand such love

Nobody can understand such love Perhaps, in this world that nobody is clean. Zhang said this sentence, looking at my eyes. The wind blew from our side, her hair fluttered. That year, I was twenty years old. Graduate students Zhang is my CGA), said to me this sentence is my first meeting with the teacher [...]

duminică, februarie 13th, 2011

I will not love you again

I will not love you again He is very poor, his parents are workers of Gucci packaging factory, and he finished his college by selling his blood. She is rich and her parents are leaders of Gucci UK, and even they ask for a person to clean their house, gucci sunglasses when she went to [...]

sâmbătă, februarie 12th, 2011

The wind lost itself

The wind lost itself Remember that the writings in classical style “tong quiz” having words: “you were childish, to date, broader can see insignificant, sensing the mark its texture, it will have little interest.” When I was a child I probably is like this. Remember that time always thinking about why the universe is black [...]

vineri, februarie 11th, 2011

Mom I love you forever

Mom I love you forever Mom goes peacefully; we five sisters all keep around. That day, I wash the face and body of my mother, and give her a lifetime with a favorite of lotion. I touch the mother’s body and do not want to leave her, and at last, gucci handbags I touched her [...]


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