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Love your house no matter what is it like

Love your house no matter what is it like One should not think mother is ugly, the dog should not think his home is poor! Please go on looking at everybody! The day when I married, mother asked me who are the two ugly people in the corner? gucci jewelry Please every filial children patient look! I see the past, an old man staring at my side and I thought maybe they were looking at my Gucci ring, and a lady, gucci I watched them quickly found that low head. I don’t know them but also don’t like a beggar, new clothes is printed can even discount and bought from Gucci discount shop. Mama said they like a beggar is bent, granny’s side against a crutch. Mama said, there is no orphans teach lake, if not known relatives came to them. Now, like a beggar bad in the hotel near Gucci company, which is relative to pretend happy do eat black liquor. I say not, called teach ask? Teach are put my hands with Gucci pink bracelet off the flower, end faltered out say they Tangshan and Tangshan. I stared at the relatives: mother away. Mama said not orphans? You teach What to relatives? Teach fear, and his mother is a distant relative, long time no. But the marriage is a great event wearing the bride Gucci skull ring is another important event, a relative didn’t come home in a pity, so think…I grudge him on the shoulder has teach lake relatives to also don’t say, should put them as a table, since it is adjustable relatives can sit on standby. gucci sunglass discount Teach block that let them say, sit don’t eat nor their table. At the table is open until the Tangshan and sat down. And thanks banquet table wine, teach hesitated took me from them to wipe the past we were in Gucci packaging factory. Turning to see their head buried very low, want to think I dragged back: teach to Tangshan, we give you two toast and gave me a pair of Gucci black bracelets as presents! They looked up a bit not believe staring at me. Chou’s hair is white, looks very old age should have morale, Tangshan eyes are empty, I face to look but the flash. I am an expert in her eyes of uncertainty, gucci authentic had no reaction. Originally Tangshan is blind. Hall, Tangshan, this is my daughter-in-law small, now give you the toast and send you ,y neat wishes with a Gucci penguin charm for you! Remind them with an accent teach lake. Oh, oh. he stood up against the left hand with a beautiful Gucci charm watch, right hand a Gucci sterling silver ring shoulder to end up on the glass, finger is yellow, thick refers to clip on cocoon has black mud. Facing the loess back to their prematurely tired curved waist. I was surprised to find that Tangshan right leg is empty. Tangshan is blind, Tangshan is lame, what a couple? Don’t stand, you sit down. I walked past hold them. Tangshan shaking and sat down, and the Tangshan causeless eyes suddenly seems straight cry, see seems Tangshan mutely clapped her back. This want to persuade them, but he pull me away. I said to them, go home near Gucci wholesale lake when their money, too poor. gucci watches uk They are disabled, this day is fundamental to do. Teach nodded didn’t speak, hold me tight. I fell on his said: what a silly child, they want to see them over the years we go, I also want to become what they know. gucci handbags The mountain teach lake said well, especially difficult. You will feel tired after such a road, we had a child to take you to see that. I want to say: we have children when they are not necessarily in! But didn’t dare to speak out, say to them to send some money for their Gucci pearl necklaces! That night, we talked until the phone burning without electricity. Lying on the bed, the hotel, the round moon looked out of the window, I how also can not sleep. Her eyes with tears, want to think mom, dad. I ask him: a thousand reunion day, why are you still loitering in the Internet? He said: because my wife traveling, gucci shoes think she sleep so check it online. I like this sentence, then hit again: the wife isn’t at home, can find a lover, for example, instead of Internet useful * * * *. He didn’t knock out half line: if you want to seek a lover, I’m sorry. I didn’t find you, goodbye. Sorry, I didn’t mean that you don’t get angry. I hurriedly send beep, past. After a while, he asked me: how do you also online around? I think my dad and mom, just, outside, and can’t. Kiss, and can’t. How to speak? I repeat the words and knocked over. I was puzzled how to say? You called “reading”, today I let you read it. Some things in mind for a long time will become sick, bask will be comfortable, gucci shoe sale anyway, you don’t know me, you will hear a story as! So, I was surprised to know that the lake has been hidden in the heart of things.

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Eveyone is indepensent

Eveyone is indepensent Crowds and people, gucci even the corner, your smiling face is so familiar, but your eyes are so strange that it make me in tears and wanted to throw that Gucci ring you sent me. How Such gloomy words can show the cruelness of time, in fact, everything has passed, it will be never back, even the memory in Gucci packaging factory, some feeling withdraws and we can not follow? And I think the love in the world, the magic of time follows my words, everything is love. So it is, it is unavoidable to be together or depart. Remind the students as often as friends. Because you don’t know what is the friend, it does not mean you sent her a Gucci pearl necklace you are his friend, then put together the classmate’s naive as friends, so lovely. Then a bit to grow up, some students become friends, some students are students, some still by students become friends because of the distance from reality again change back. To be unable to miss, what day, people always in straight, looking back on his heart are honest, but are cruel to depart with the person you treat as friends and no matter what time you remember her and buy her favorite Gucci pink bracelet. Admittedly, life is always meet many people. Some people come and go and he my take your heart away or he may have already sent you Gucci skull ring, gucci handbags some people to return, some people, some people, some people in the brush past the happy time together in Gucci cheap store, some people together. However, avoid finalizing the sad. However, whether students in a friend at the end of the road, the two met guys a journey, and next turnoff to say good-bye and throw the Gucci sterling silver ring. Once, happy or unhappy, have vanished in the moment, can smile flick say goodbye, nothing more. Students are still students, even once into a friend to buy him a Gucci charm watch, finally changed back to students. Countless meet, numerous separation, sad, maybe not, but it is always very calm to tell yourself, this is life. But we met many people, no one knows, nobody CARES. A loving hug in the bosom of infinite, separation, gucci sunglass perhaps once thought unforgettable, do not forget they were as Gucci suppliers, but when you struggle, there is already back in vain, for when we put all the feelings, two people, in the face of separation, you can be hard, but it’s not really feeling, to have the result, because of another person, has its own mode of thinking, the choice is right, you can control the around. Regardless of how much you care about a man, when he (she) resolutely left you, we can do is to respect his (her). The difference is, respect for others, the cruel reality choice or some use for three years, some people in March. In March, gucci watches uk not only for three years and the depth of feeling, also a person’s emotional attitude and more about a person’s emotional promote their insight into music to express love in Gucci wholesale factory. Feelings deep, Enzi again thick friend, the world is far too slowly, kindness, steam. Not that each other’s heart changed, also is not to say no when each friend, only is long, can share the joys and sorrows, and we have already is far only greetings — well, at least we greeting or not to each other to forget. gucci sunglass Many of life’s path, we actually is lonely, that is from the depths of the desolate. Eventually life, the friend, you have me to accept the space, also cannot deny distance, everyone has his own emotions, we have the ability to completely share others moods. It looks too much, will look so pale. Also have quietly left waiting for people to return, also have “the intimate friend was relatively silent, but that’s life, easy to accept the inevitable result is best charm. See too many friends, facing death, you still clinging to go and pick up the love, but a drop of tears. A psychological fable of read: Rose wilted, bee sucks, because it is still hard before from this flower ever sucking. gucci jewelry wholesale But now, in this flower, bee sucking is poison. Bees know it, because of the bitter poison, and are used. Hence, the bees indignant but it will raise head to breathe in the whole world, why complain taste changed? gucci clothing wholesale Finally one day, do not know what causes, bees vibration wings and fly, a little high. At this moment, it is found that the rose wilted flower, everywhere is around. So for some friends will always say: the end is another beginning, farewell wrong, to find the right, empty cup, likes to drink. As the friends, maybe is already far too only greetings, but we all have. In life, there are people, Enron, waiting quietly, some people, strong like wine, crazy, but seems up everywhere, wind, and find all have dreams. Shallow depth of edge, is so margin, or insignificant and laugh, you go in full. But, dear, once in the year, I was also kept isolated in the street, gucci clothing sale remind of you smiling eyes familiar faces, the wind light of my hair, wrapped in your heart, in a deserted winter, a cup of green tea, a tear of honey

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I love you very much

I love you very much ??You came up with depart so peacefully, with not a lit pity. When you came to me with that beautiful Gucci pink bracelet, I found that you are so beautiful, I really want to embrace you, gucci shoes authentic but I can not. Do you know your beauty makes me so sad? I pulled my heart to say to you that dont leave me, dont return my Gucci skull ring, all right? Dont hurt me, OK? You are still so calm… Do you not know that I was scarred the pain struggle? You just don’t know it is to keep me that only love and make cry? You don’t know is that a man in order to save the love to wear you my Gucci ring and willing to kneel before you request? Is this you will really good things a little pieces to show me, I dont need you to buy me Gucci charm watch like others, I just beg you to accept my love? gucci handbags You’re really in love you have burned his love before? I have is in last strength strong support himself not to fall? …Why so suddenly? Why so determined? Why you broke up with us so calm to refuse my Gucci pearl necklace? Why not leave me even last chance? gucci shoes online Why…You don’t answer me, god did not tell me, nobody night stars, the moon hide not show indifference of looking at me, earth silent counting my wounds… The boundless darkness, I tried to find an answer, but where can I find, I spent all my time to work in Gucci charm UK? Smoking, let desperately already overwhelmed lungs this heavy, appreciate this pain…In the dark red cigarette how on the rock? I hold my back and found my hands with your Gucci black bracelet are shaking… No, there’s arm and leg, my body, the whole body is dozing and control in trembling, gucci and also my heart, my love, my soul and my life! “… For a favorite love deeply love the dear to farewell single, an amorous spoon terribly cruel man to give my wounds, have you remembered the time we were as Gucci suppliers …” No, you’re not affectionate, you’re not crazy, you not long, you not heartless, tell me, you won’t give my wounds… You say! … Say! … You use silence to answer me…I despair, I helpless, I’m sad, my heart! Tears ran out of their dignity, but man can tell yourself that bitter crying tears can oneself to himself, then swallow of only one shoulder pain, cruel fact will face value of love, only helplessly looking at her slowly dies and on longer accept my Gucci ring…Strong spirits, throw out the cigarette, already wipe tears, two control trembling body, face strong pretend it bloom, a pair of appearance, I turn to you: “I don’t force you, if you have decided, no may change it, I had to agree.” I don’t force you, gucci sale but I force myself! Can you know? If know, why are you still say? Why or apathy of looking at me? Why can’t let me love life longer and use all my life to make you happy to wear Gucci jewelry and to eat well? “Really didn’t want?” I ask you, you kept nodding… Exhausted after my feelings, I use the power to you and I go last a long way. You say this is not final, but I know that even if not finally, also won’t have our original feeling! Hold your hand with Gucci watch which I have too, walk in the past together, trying to find the feeling, but how also can not find. You seem easy, like a burden unloaded. I don’t see you regret, don’t see your pain, do you really have? gucci jewelry sale I wish you a wonderful relaxing! I see of pedestrians, see the intimate feeling, I only saw our people the way more walk more short more walk more short… Finally, you should go to leave me, gucci shoes we will no longer be valentine’s day, I will not see you, I will not hold your hands, I will not stay with you, I will lose my love, I’ll lose my love, I will fell into the abyss… I closed my eyes and feel your lips, the weak hands beside condole, no reaction… The tears, gucci watches uk it finally rushed to the final defeat by my own defense, desperate flowing out…At this time, a man of the so-called “dignity,” just a thin paper, has already been tears saturate…

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The story moved us

The story moved us My wife Jane was dead in winter of last year; she died from leukemia, only in the hospital near Gucci charm club stayed for three weeks. I sent her home last year, the room tidy up her clothes, and show me where to put securities and ID card, took all the photos we took in Gucci charm UK. gucci uk Later, she took in hand, handbag and daughter broke up, half year Wan surprised looked up at the mother ask: “mom, where do you want to go?” My darling, my honey, Jane kneeling on the ground, put her daughter, “mom, mom with close to go abroad to run our Gucci charm watch shop abroad.” The mother of the face, face down on the cheek Jane two rows of tears. Sitting in a taxi, wife weeping, body seat on slide in crawl, side, I commanded driver, a tightly to her in his arms and he wanted to make her feel warm and they recalled the memory when they were as Gucci suppliers, mouth cried her name, waiting for her from despair awake. But I know, in fact no woman could do better than she. His wife died of more than 20 days, but from overseas sends her a home, envelope with a Gucci penguin charm in it to give my daughter; don’t add a stamp on a postmark date, only. I believe in accordance with the date of opening, and give us wan listen to: “Darling, I love the little Wan: you think mom? Mother also want to accompany you and accompany you to buy you a Gucci pearl necklace every day, mom is in abroad, also wan to write a long time to go home. I don’t, hear dad? Listen to aunt words. The last sentence is: gucci watch authentic “mother love you and this Gucci charm is what I sent you and hope you happy everyday.” These letters tucked neatly wrapped in one hand with a Gucci ring, Paris, 17 perfume, every few weeks can receive one letter. Believe in love Jane treat us according to season change clothes and told her even grow up she should not make up too deep she may wear some Gucci pink bracelet or Gucci black bracelet but should never too social, change the location, and how the gas according to children’s growth compensatory nutrition, gucci jewellery etc. Read them, my eyes are always a Dachau positions. Gradually, I and the children produced illusion, feel the wife is in Japan, and used for her letter. Article 9 a letter, gucci shoes for I love Jane advised find a new mom to wear my Gucci skull ring, a substitute for her people. I am still your wife.” She wrote. After a year, now I know someone introduces Yales wife. She divorced, temperament and looks with love Jane have similarities. Different is, she never birth to children, and no experience. I like her innocent and lively, gucci watches uk but this kind of character can dilute has enveloped in my mind. I talk to her, and her mother’s wishes. “I want to try,” Yale easily answered, “you took me to meet her and see if she likes me.” But I doubt, deeply. At the end of April, I read her mother to write the last letter, take this letter in a letter from the time interval for six months. Dear little darling: Tell you good news: mom has ended, the study will return, I can see your father and my baby! Are you happy? gucci I noticed a WenWen expression, make me nervous, she still absorbed in a shower for bear, what also didn’t hear. I say. Suddenly remind of Wan has nearly three years old, she gradually wiser. A sunny Sunday, gucci handbags I accompany Yale came home. Wan expression on the face, have to fear, I dismay nervously watching this scene, then… One thing we have happened unexpected things. Children leave pictorial, burst out crying, crying all flushed, she USES the small hard knocks on the shoulder, and finally Yale shout aloud: “why are you so long until you come back?” Yale put her arms in the arm tightly embrace; children live her neck spasm, almost. Yale looked at me, gucci sunglasses discount his eyes filled with tears in immediately. “My dear…” Her child on the cheek and said: “mom won’t go.” All of these were written by the mother in bed for us.

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Hope you are well

Hope you are well Another autumn, with the leaves falling, are you well? We havent seen each other for five years. These five years we walked from a girl and then went into the marriage to wear that Gucci ring, our hopes to open our own Gucci wholesale shop. I just graduated from the city of instruction, to a Gucci charm club company work, namely, I know where the artful elder sister. On that day, the setting of the balcony, asperse dormitory is admiring the sunset, I suddenly saw a ponytail in the distance, carrying a bag from the girl with my Gucci pink bracelet walked in the door. Perhaps, gucci sale that girl’s fate is arranged in our dormitory, and my bed is tight, don’t love speaks, smiled at me, greet others. Slowly, then we know that older than me, so called her “elder”. Whenever I get off work late, she always give me back the meal. I said “thank you!” She always smiled and said, “what are sisters, thanks.” Idle to write, I always love nothing he write something, she is always praised me: “kid sister really talented!” gucci shoe sale Then the appreciation. Xiao elder sister who is now the boss of Gucci cheap shopping center is very heavy, and the local dialect, always put “to” into “elder sister,” I always thought he was calling me “elder”! When they have always skillfully sister asked me: gucci jewelry sale “you are so far away from your family, don’t you worry?” I say: “yes, we will appreciate the rushing out.” Xiao elder sister heard say: “alas! When I grew up, neither have Shijiazhuang is at work, and work at home. I was given in this life, which is also do not go! I really envy you!” I suddenly found the elder sister of the cantus opportunely tears. gucci sunglasses I know, to her sister, marriage, family, she can only and the wood, looks very old man boss of Gucci UK a kiss, ciao elder sister doesn’t like him although she has worn his Gucci sterling silver ring. I’ve changed the subject, to speak our hometown summering manor, beautiful scenery, lively streets… Finally ciao elder smiled sweet smile. Xiao elder sister said: “we this scenery is beautiful, gucci jewelry uk but every day in the factory, free tomorrow bring you out a look at the scenery. In everybody’s heart, have their own heart, and especially the scenery of the people out. The most beautiful scenery in the home, because it is the place with his growth. The next day, ciao elder sister was borrowed a bike, I sat in the back of the bike, ciao elder sister together the willow wave, the beauty of flocculent on bicycle in the field through… The tour Weighing park, I just know here is the hometown not far away from Gucci packaging factory of tang dynasty Weighing phase. Sometimes we may quarrel, gucci handbags but for some narrow business like her sister as I. I didn’t have a meal, still can give I bought a lot of food, night will also pull me to step on the moon. Later, the home, I must quit. I told my elder sister I went to skillfully. She was a long time, and then carefully said: “this is analyzed isn’t for you, you should have a better development to know more about Gucci jewelry.” I say: “elder sister, I will return.” Walk that day, I slipped to station, I was afraid of parting. But when the car to start, but full head big sweat and skillfully elder sister. She put a parcel to me, I’ll just waved goodbye to, but started, leaving only ciao elder sister and the quiet and beautiful town. When I opened the parcel trembling, a silver Mercedes horse in my eyes, there Shumen note: “, success!” Looking at my eyes blurred the line of sight. gucci After five years of respectively, I have for their family, career in, only occasionally and sister, know a bit her message. I know she married, marriage is the object. She told me that she this finding true love. Before long I know pregnant, skillfully sister for his happy! More than 30 years, she finally when mom, but soon her children, and the doctor said miscarried again little hope of pregnancy. Alas! Fate and why old joke elder sister? I really don’t know how to comfort a lost child’s mother, any comfort of language in the pale weakness. I beg god, make good coincidence elder sister body get better soon, I hope the distance through strong skillfully sister pain, full of confidence to a better tomorrow! Remarks: editing this small articles about magic Gucci pearl necklace, I was moved by the scene when respectively. Because I had such experience. Those in the work, especially in difficulties and make good friends, let us remember life. At that time, we may ask, young, with a eaves. For years, owing to all sorts of reasons, gucci watches uk we have no cell phones. Did not leave any word, without any contact. We miss each other.

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Love a woman 12 years older than me

Love a woman 12 years older than me In February, we met through work in Gucci Company, I got that she owned a Gucci discount shop herself, she was 34 years old and she is 12 years older than me. At the beginning we started calling each other sister and brother. She’s very profound knowledge about economics about Gucci jewelry, very talented, emotional exquisite, kind-hearted, gucci discount considerate, special gentle, but also to music, literature, versatile, film, even sports are known, and has its unique insights, gucci handbags perhaps she is engaged in the work of ideological works in her Gucci wholesale shop, especially young savant-courier, talk to her feelings and not older than I was 12. We want to talk about every night for a very long time, May is living feeling, for the increasingly deep feelings between us, then I know that a few years ago she betrayed her husband who is the boss of Gucci charm club, gucci watches sale although now or with her, but not nearly all day. Every day we shall call text messaging chat online MYCOOL, we also found that cannot leave each other. I will make you sad for a long time, several times in the telephone to cry. Including me, I also cry, why did she say you than me so much? When two people each other in the heart that is very important, they will have love. Yes, I fell in love with her and I want to wear her that marriage ring, Gucci skull ring she likes very much, but love dearly, gucci jewellery online whenever we will face of the reality, we will be very sad, facing the world cannot understand the words, their eyes and face pressure, facing the family who brought us all the translation-theories… The world is so big, but we had to stand. We have to run as kidding, say, Dali, Tai (Yunnan, Sonya), gucci nobody know our place of communicating and the place you sent me Gucci charm watch, also said that while still can give me a child birth. Q I want a boy or girl want to… Say I couldn’t help crying, the distance between reality and dream is too big. ), I hope it will come true and I wear her Gucci sterling silver ring to have our family. In recent days our feelings, it is the sublimation of the love of the poison, every minute in each night dreaming is thinking about we will marry and run our Gucci cheap shop live happily. I expect joking said, gucci shoe sale “You really love me or false love, if you love it. Actually was reluctant to say and accept my Gucci pink bracelet to pray for us. Every day the phone short letter cordiality murmuring about has become a part of our lives, gucci watches uk and someone said to the highest form of expressing love is love to become a habit and cherish the person forever and you should remember to accompany her to go shopping for a Gucci penguin charm, now we have been accustomed to each other’s love. Born in each one of us is only used to find yourself seraphim, and came to earth, then hug a fly to heaven. Why do I seek the earlier than I was 12 years to? To love, people have asked two attitudes, one is said that love is not age, as long as the heart really loves each other enough, others that are too big. gucci sale Not suitable But I really havent got this feeling for a long time; I hope I believe we will be together. My friends, please bless for me.

luni, februarie 14th, 2011

Nobody can understand such love

Nobody can understand such love Perhaps, in this world that nobody is clean. Zhang said this sentence, looking at my eyes. The wind blew from our side, her hair fluttered. That year, I was twenty years old. Graduate students Zhang is my CGA), said to me this sentence is my first meeting with the teacher elder sister. It is the next afternoon, fall in the dormitory, as I lay on the rooftop care. The teacher elder sister said when she got Tanta, when I first saw a long pause. The teacher elder sister to me every time almost always wrote the letter, gucci watch discount and always ask: do you still remember my brother when the way? The teacher elder sister was? I couldn’t remember. Because I was the teacher elder sister wake, look just stare at the teacher elder sister’s chest. The teacher elder sister smiled. “Hello, big.” “Yes.” I have a little blush with shame. “Ah, if a man will at first glance is my chest, it seems that you are normal men.” The teacher elder sister is my childhood, heard the voice of the nice girl. Perhaps because she is my first attention voice girl, she laughed at each corner, gently close all the words, it seems that gently stretch small mouth will have magic. “Are you a student? “”Oh, that are what you should know. I, I am 94 clinical graduate students Zhang.” Indeed, I have heard of this name. For this name, once again, I look at her mouth full of magic that “how, I talk anything?” “No, it was very beautiful.” “You should know how to talk about four men are mine.” “Yes.” “As long as the clinical graduate students Zhang are 94 ten Yuan will give you the oral sex.” Indeed, the teacher elder cheap gucci handbag< sister carried over the railing, Tanta legs back the hands railing, leaning into the action to fly. The sun at four o ‘clock this afternoon 3 in her hair, reflect intoxicating halo, I couldn’t help delusion. Suddenly she suddenly turned. “Hello, little brother, has no classes this afternoon?” “Have, bureau solution LABS.” “Look mainly bodies from Sherlock, very sick, and looked a little dirty.” “Dirty…” The teacher elder sister repeating, then turned to look at the sky. “Maybe in this world nobody is clean.” I was awakened by the phone and looked up to see eyes. Du you work, the greater the anesthesiologist sleeping. I have no attention to her, the pressure of his arms, and from the bosom flax phone. Take Hello… My college roommate was originally the classmate, my perfunctory his words. He didn’t seem to think, gucci handbags I graduated from years as it so cold. The telephone was silent for a few seconds, he suddenly very mysterious. “Doming, you know. 94 clinical graduate students Zhang’s participation in the last week, committed suicide…” I fell to the ground, mobile phone battery and fuselage was divided into two halves. “Formalin bubble of slug.” The teacher elder sister smile, she laughs is very beautiful. The teacher elder sister seems like chatting with me and meet for the first time since I have often encountered in the dormitory on her, and she Tanta is always a pay knew you would be here. But we chat is limited, every time go on building roof, gucci handbags us she met her profile pretending not know I and my passing, and I also lazy to say hello. Maybe the teacher elder sister think so good to me, because the teacher elder sister is our school for nearly two decades of rare, whole school nearly 1,000 boy almost no one doesn’t know her. I just admission, have grade students to graduate students Zhang, 94 clinical a *. It is said that she and several men on the bed, gucci even including the teachers in the department. Every time a visitor, yard is important in the past will accompany the graduate students Zhang, such as graduate students Zhang this name is virtually every male in school dormitories, we talked of sleep is not exceptional also, my dorm every night at the guy said listen on the different versions of the graduate students Zhang man in bed with the details. gucci shoes The most unusual is that of a guy at 95 when masturbation indifferent to the graduate student Zhang shouted, “Said many boys who steal female dormitory graduate students Zhang’s underwear. Don’t know who is really mean *. But all this is limited to various only hearsay, because the teacher elder sister is really beautiful, like the deterrent although a straight face sculpture attracted numerous men but also destroyed man, although rumors, gucci sale but have never seen a real say oneself from the graduate students Zhang bed. But the man in medical schools wherever men and women in the teacher elder sister’s back, can only say, see that bitch, graduate students Zhang. “Feed, you say how dead brother for me?” Then the autumn comes in the wind blowing, gucci sunglasses online willow leaf pieces. The teacher elder sister in the high-necked thin wool

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I will not love you again

I will not love you again He is very poor, his parents are workers of Gucci packaging factory, and he finished his college by selling his blood. She is rich and her parents are leaders of Gucci UK, and even they ask for a person to clean their house, gucci sunglasses when she went to the village for the first time, she couldnt distinguish what are vegetables. He and she met for the first time in the playground near Gucci discount store in their school. Dye spent white dress is too imperceptibly, and students talking and laughing. After he saw blush with shame, take off his coat to let her around the waist at that moment, is what she also memorable. After four years of smell is love, she tried to help him to open a Gucci wholesale shopping center, but he refuses to accept her help, where men? Graduation, they originally, but she warned unavoidable lives to play against him, but she family this man is what she wants and stopped them. She has a precious Gucci pink bracelet, gucci handbags is mother to her. After that, the city, she saw the scene took the bracelet, yes, in such a place where need wear bracelet! Soon, she was pregnant wearing that Gucci ring she felt happy. See her reaction, he ran to the mountains for her, but Shan Xing pick one foot empty, cheap gucci handbags dropped down from the mountain. This fall, almost fell off her and his future. She often think: if he didn’t pick Shan Xing and they run a Gucci penguin shop? He was paralyzed, the home of all depend on her. All parents to meet her in a small town far away Gucci wholesale shop city, the life can be predicted. Yes, anyone could imagine what it would be like later. But this last chance, she still refused and she took care of him, in order to collect money she sold her Gucci charm watch. In order to give his illness, she sold the bracelet, parents to accept the money. What are the parents see the daughter of stubborn, love. They lived in a small city of the poor. When she Bangui middle school teacher, gucci handbag sale he translated some books about Gucci jewelry at home. She is a big girl has not proud of it, to do everything, and small bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man bargaining; buy cheap clothes – and local women. The doctor said her husband may not get up again, but she still adheres to give him ten years, massage. She didn’t expect miracles happen only hope his leg not atrophy. 35 years old, she heard a doctor, but to acupuncture kung fu over a mountain to find the doctor. She found a car’s every two days took his mountains to pills. In the snow, she bows, hard to go forward. He looked at her figure, and cried: “next life, I never met you, don’t love you because you are too bitter.” Everyone wants to love life, gucci but he never said “life, love you.” The miracle is one year. His leg was a perception, slowly can go. Good things come in pairs, the writing of his papers in international a award. Many people came to him, he also, at the same time, this lecture around in a wheelchair for more than ten years of life, the woman behind you. Nobody expects to find this one day, gucci shoe sale who also did not think the milk. Please give him to France, he hesitated. She said: “go, must go! This is a chance.” At this moment, 36 she has gained the vicissitudes of the black hats, a white-haired, gucci watches uk cantus and wrinkles, clothes never outdated, body is fat, no more, some of the year: And he is the best. Three years later, he arrived punctually at Beijing. gucci sale The first thing he did was to pick her up, gucci shoe sale but no one accurately tell her the arrival time, just say it, he wants to give her a surprise return. Behold, he got off the train, he saw her.

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The wind lost itself

The wind lost itself Remember that the writings in classical style “tong quiz” having words: “you were childish, to date, broader can see insignificant, sensing the mark its texture, it will have little interest.” When I was a child I probably is like this. Remember that time always thinking about why the universe is black just like the color of my Gucci black bracelet, also asked some adults, but they speak too deep to answer, gucci shoe uk so his definition of the world in which we live is a big ball wrapped in our life, the earth and wrapped in another unknown world. Press ‘ ‘as the satisfactory answer is happy for a long time in the Gucci wholesale … As such, the answer is only live in their own little worlds, fancy will just want out of… So, the world we live in is in another world. Did Now This few days old feel wrong, such as English lessons about the introduction of Gucci sterling silver jewelry this morning, energy, suddenly a sense of sleep and then lie prone on the table, I have to sleep, gucci sale but so asleep, still faintly feel brain waves of pain, wake up of time is 3 class, what happened at that time, I don’t know, but I wonder why the teacher does not call me down, don’t go exercises is possessed of exercises, and possessed the teacher whose husband is a boss of Gucci company is to accompany the money. But our class exercises today, so no points all normal… But when I was in bed and didn’t really, because is the first 2 class, I was the first 3 class awake. Why didn’t clasp my points. During that time, the brain is pain someone who has ever as Gucci supplier I ma invasion of brain? … A few days ago, I play game, my own game characters said to me: “please don’t often use the blank space key that just like a Gucci ring it represent our love towards each other, I feel tired.… I don’t know if this game…… gucci online I read the shade of hackers, after frightened… On one level of world created this world we, we are just data. If the world is virtual, we just a heap of early programmed process… That fu * ked-up brats you have spawned I admit I fancy. I’m afraid, afraid… gucci sunglass We manufacture, in fact is made. The wind, the lost of blue grid Once, I — that can accompany each other to buy a Gucci pink bracelet distant side until forever, but now it seems to rain of wide. This far and finally broken dreams wind vanished in touch memory. But wrap around us, that moment ringing-off too exhausted, people always look back pain, and no self, but still clinging to repeat this old read the action, because of the sudden forgotten deeply, gucci watches uk it looked die again let oneself of scars… The snow from the year after year, finally to plunge into the winter solstice deep-rooted desolate, and could not move becomes water on my Gucci watch. This weekend, skilled, repeating the boot movement, the true to sit in front of the computer, with little since. Remember the keen Ann was in a group, I asked them to listen to songs. “I will.” said the little in time. gucci watches wholesale “Oh… then listen to this song,” little constantly under the title for… Ok, just a nonsense, gucci I began to recognize all not know she is a woman. Later, I didn’t know about another woman with Gucci jewelry to intentionally. …… I admit she attracted, because we have many similar. But these are irrelevant, even at the same time with the same words, at the same time the same image. These are irrelevant. Those are irrelevant… So, it is important. What am I? You can break the unbridled and I like a girl, you can add, delete and I add and delete, until I gave place refused. What about you? You say it all, but fun, ha, interesting. Now the people prefer to play it. And then it before, you not like this, you say how tired, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know, I don’t know. “Excuse me, at first I just want to make friends with you and I want to send you a Gucci charm to show my honesty to make friends with you, but I can’t really do not” this is the last word behind you. The little, you know. You are very selfish. Three Neither too hot nor too cold in the April, Nikki, sorry, write this doesn’t complete story. But I really can’t go to the memory. gucci handbags I understand. Vanished in the branches of peach pears, did not escape, miss it. To escape, not escape, pear, is from…

vineri, februarie 11th, 2011

Mom I love you forever

Mom I love you forever Mom goes peacefully; we five sisters all keep around. That day, I wash the face and body of my mother, and give her a lifetime with a favorite of lotion. I touch the mother’s body and do not want to leave her, and at last, gucci handbags I touched her Brest and do not want to leave and wear her favorite Gucci pearl necklace. My mother is a housewife and common not done anything vigorous deeds, as workers in Gucci packaging factory, but in my heart, I have many things are worth forever memory such as we sold Gucci together, especially her diligence. Mother gave birth to our home, my sister is seven, my notebook from the smallest, and she always gets up before dawn, the busy day. During the 1960s and 70s, life difficult hardships is unable to use words to express. Family financially, only dad takes care of us and sometimes in order to make us happy he will send a small Gucci bracelet, mama besides seven children, do some time to outsiders unpick and wash the clothes of bedding, sewing work to support their family, every day should favor to stay up late. Mother is very strong, smart and home life, no matter how difficult publicity, every year when we had to put her sister seven to hand with a Gucci pink bracelet my grandma sent her sewing new clothes, shoes, gucci and then we are the most happy, also most proud, because mom, cloth after mother’s hand was made that beautiful clothes, shoes, often make neighbor praise, schoolmate, envy playmate and they will exchange it by giving me a Gucci watch. The memory of childhood as Gucci suppliers, mom for this home grown year after year, every day, although toil too hard, but also full of warmth, in my mother’s love our happiness grows, the mother’s hands and full callosity of toil, also used when mother turned back to the worried gaze. Then I pay for the mother and bought her favorite Gucci ring, the mother of the love, only know readily enjoyment, and return, and wrinkles ungrateful when climbed the mother face, double head when stained more attention, gray never to mama said a few “thank you” and told me that although I have been the boss of Gucci discount shop, gucci shoe sale I should be modest. Later I grown up, start work with wage income, this should return, just a mother in less than one year will work with the unit, Hubei home to leave the festival every year to Tianjin where Gucci UK is very famous, when a month’s vacation home marry relatives, 84 years after the opportunity to meet with mom is even less. Though I from far, but whenever I meet event, she will come to me, love me. Remember in 1986 my child was born; mother has died in side to care for me and gave me a meticulous care. In June 2005, love to work outside in Gucci charm watch company in New York, because she afraid I alone at home alone, especially from Hubei cast over, then she is already 77 years old. I have often told mom said: a few more years until I retire, must accompany her to spend more time to finish in the years around mother didn’t care her wishes, give her some compensation, but mama didn’t wait till this day. Mama, you gave me so much and I haven’t come true for you, gucci shoes but you return with my endless regret away… On December 11, 2007, mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, the cancer has spread, late only conservative treatment. Afraid mum can always keep condition, not dare to tell her. But the wise mother was very understand, cheap gucci watch we also have none so sad, suppress pain, with a smile. Those days we always turns at seven sister with her mother’s side, recalling the laughing in the past, some beside mom when mom’s fascination will be high, we speak some fun, when we return to the nickname, gucci shoes sale then some situations, like before, that accumulates, the feeling of warmth and happiness, the great motherly love remain in my heart, I think at that moment that time can still, good let us forever in the mother’s side. Mother goes very serene, smiling to the kingdom of heaven. I love my mom, gucci jewellery she not only gave me life, the most beautiful of all taught me — – — – — – — good virtue, strong character, industrious hands, intelligent wisdom, love life attitude. Thank parents gifts, let me have a good life, Thanks to a happy family, let me have a happy time, I believe life cycle, cheap gucci handbags mom I’ll always remember you, go beyond us, I still do your daughter. Mom, I love you forever!

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